Tuition and Fees

(this page is being updated due to website programming changes. Please contact me for rates for final weeks of this year)

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold your lesson spot.

Rates are based on Full year enrollment beginning in September. Late enrollment may have slight difference rate.

Each private student receives one set of piano books/ materials ($30 Value)

Ultimate Music Theory Club Books/Materials Extra ($30-80)

  • Rate based on Beginning the week of Sept 13th 2022 and subject to change for late enrollment
  • Ending week of June 8th 2023

30 min lessons: 7 and under. Approx $80-85 per month

45 min lessons: Approx $119-122 per month

60 min lessons: Aprox $162

  • 34 lessons for the price of 32!
  • One set of materials included
  • Muzie Online platform
  • In- person lessons offered.