“It’s a place I can go and do something for me!”

“Lynne teaches in such a caring and encouraging way, I was able to begin to sing better, and more confidently!”

“I feel empowered! and the worries of the world disappear while we sing!”


Moms Can Sing was created in September 2015.   This group is made up of Moms of mostly school aged kids.  It was designed to help fellow moms get out and meet other moms, and be able to bring their littles (preschoolers and babies) along with them, if needed.  It has expanded to include any woman who would like to sing with us.  We laugh, we sing, and have a great time together!  We meet at two different times so working moms can take part as well!  Then we join altogether to create One Voice! So if you would like to get back into singing, or try it out for the first time, come join us!  No audition required.

Beginning in January!   Saturday’s bi-weekly

  • Saturday,  330pm-6pm with potluck 319 Allsbrook Rd, Music Garden Studio
  • Weekly semi-private and groups available.


Christmas Concert 2015